Walking Well Carmarthenshire - Carmarthen

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Walking Well Carmarthenshire operate across Carmarthenshire

The Carmarthen Walking Well group is a friendly established group. We currently have over 50 members but average 10 on each of the walks to date. The walks are held fortnightly – on a Wednesday morning – and take little more than an hour. Routes vary but are all on the fringes of Carmarthen itself and are generally on the flat. Leisurely walks with the opportunity of meeting others, whilst at the same time improving fitness levels. The Group currently has 5 trained Walk Leaders. NB – it is anticipated that, with additional people joining – and a desire by some to walk further – we may well in the future set up a second group. A ‘strollers’ and a ‘striders’ group so to speak. We’ll see!

The Carmarthen group meet every other Wednesday at 10:00am at the Carmarthen MIND Centre, Carmarthen.


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