Walkers' stories

Still need a little push to get you going? Here’s how people like you feel about walking and what it’s done for them. 

Colin recommends you to try it! 

" I joined the "Fit for Life" walking group some 18 months ago after the passing on of my wife of fifty years.I had never

walked very much in my life,though did exercise at other activities,and my emotions were to say the least rather fragile.

The simple joy at feeling my body work again,at giving my mind something constructive to concentrate on,at being amidst all the wonders of nature,made me quickly realise that I had found a new and extremely pleasant and fulfilling new activity.

Thus I continued attending regularly every Monday morning.18 months on I am fitter,my emotions have returned to normal (how sympathetic the lady companion walkers were),and I am now able to attempt modest walks over longer distances than I was ever able to at the beginning.

I would without any hesitation recommend that you try it too ! Who knows you might even enjoy it as much as I do !


Marjorie Sims from Newport is inspiring people of all ages to getting into the stride of good health  

Despite her advancing years, Marjorie (93) joins friends regularly for brisk walks around South Wales and farther afield and is urging others to follow her lead.

She said: "I began walking with the group almost 10 years ago, after I lost my husband.

"A member of my cardiac exercise group suggested it as a good way for me to get out and about. Walking provides me with both exercise and social benefits, I try to walk for 20 minutes each day and the weekly group walks are around 80 minutes.

"Walking allows us to discover places we never knew existed, and we regularly go farther afield, walking in the Forest of Dean, Barry Island and West Wales to name a few.

"I’d encourage people of all ages to join in and start walking more."


Dave Windsor from Chepstow encourages more to make a positive difference

Dave Windsor (74) from Chepstow is a keen member of the Chepstow Fit 4 Life group and has qualified as a walk leader. 

Following heart by-pass surgery three years ago, Dave was directed to Newport’s St Woolos Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation programme and later the National Exercise Referral Scheme Cardiac Rehab group at Chepstow Leisure Centre. 

Dave says: “Attending these groups gave me the confidence to go out walking on my own.  I am now fitter than I was 15 years ago and now visit the doctor only on a routine basis.  I can say with certainty that NERS and the Fit 4 life walking group have made a positive difference to my lifestyle.”



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