Volunteer with us

On a day-to-day basis our amazing volunteers make a difference to people's lives by leading them on walks and supporting them to get into and enjoy walking.

Without our volunteers Let's Walk Cyrmu would not be able to deliver the range of walking opportunities currently available across Wales.

Walk leader

Walk leaders are the roots of Let's Walk Cyrmu, branching out into the communities and getting their walkers to flourish by choosing safe walks and making them enjoyable.

As a walk leader you will:

  • design and check walks for the group;
  • welcome walkers, new and old, checking they are ready for the walk;
  • lead and manage the walk, dealing with any issues or troubles, usually with the support of other volunteers in the group;
  • encourage walkers to walk more often and be an ambassador for walking;
  • attend walk leader meetings to keep in touch with other walk leaders in your area and across Wales;
  • return your walk information to your local co-ordinator.

Who benefits?

  • Let's Walk Cymru - by having dedicated and loyal walk leaders whom we support through regional and national co-ordinators and for whom we provide training and insurance for.

  • The walkers - by having a passionate walk leader to make walks both suitable and enjoyable.

  • The Walk Leader - by seeing how people enjoy your walks and develop under your guidance, as well as having opportunities for training to develop your own walking skills.

Walking group assistant

Walking group assistants are people within the group who help the walk leader in a variety of ways from helping with the meeting and greeting of walkers and getting them all registered, to being the back marker and encouraging and guiding those talkers at the back. They also help with the group's promotion and paperwork by getting out walking programmes and making sure the walkers registrations and figures are returned to the co-ordinator.