Walking With Children

Walking is an activity for everyone, including children. It's recommended that children should have around 60 minutes of physical activity a day, and walking is a great way to contribute towards this. Everyone is able to go walking no matter how young they are; even infants can be taken out walking in prams or off-road buggies; not only will the trip out provide extra stimulation for your little one but pushing a buggy will also help make you fitter.  

To keep children engaged and enthused walking should be an adventure. Keep them engaged and excited by getting them to bring a backpack and fill it with essentials they’ll need for their walk, or get them to bring a friend with them to share in the adventure. Here are a list of some of the possible activities they might do while on their walk.


Activities to do while on a walk

  • Play I–Spy
  • Do a scavenger hunt
  • Go puddle-jumping
  • build sculptures from things they find
  • keep a weather record
  • complete one of Ramblers Cymru’s activity packs, click on the Scramblers link opposite to find out more


For more ideas visit Change 4 Life’s Games for walking everyday and Games for parks and woodlands


Things to bear in mind while out walking with children

  • Allow the children to set the pace of the walk.

  • Don’t be afraid to cut your walk short if they start to tire. Better to have a shorter walk and leave them wanting more, rather than over-tire them and put them off.

  • Keep the weather in mind; if it’s warm remember a water bottle, a hat and sun cream; if it’s cold remember extra layers.

  • Walk in places that will provide them with things to see and climb over. Trees, landmarks, beaches, odd buildings, transport like trains and boats, animals and famous landmarks are far more interesting to children than straight paths and landscape views.

  • Incorporate toilet breaks into your walk.