Walk with us

Sometimes it’s hard to find a time or place where walking is easy or enjoyable; perhaps you could use some help? Wherever you happen to be, there’s likely to be one of our volunteer walk leaders nearby, trained experts who know your area and the best places to walk. Not only will you be getting healthy and getting more out of your local environment, but you’ll meet likeminded people who’ll support and encourage you.  


"There is a friendly face to welcome you, someone to lead your way so you can just enjoy the scenery and most of all people there to chat with, check you are OK and have a laugh with....I don’t do it for the walking, I do it for the laughing”  


Let's Walk Cymru has been going for over 12 years helping all sorts of people to discover how walking helps them. From reducing weight and helping with stress to making new friends and finding support, there is a group for everyone.

To find a group put your post code into the walk finder or contact us through the contact page.