We really like the idea of being able to give information to people about money. We know that a lot of people are struggling with money at the moment. Although we cannot magic up money or give people better paid jobs, we hope that our website will still help. We know that a lot of people struggle to make ends meet because they do not know enough about money. Therefore, we have put together this website so that we can help people more with things like this. We want to be able to give everyone the chance to be able to know what they should be doing with their money, how to choose financial products and how to avoid financial mistakes. Then everyone will have a fair chance at being able to manage properly. Therefore, we hope that this website will have enough material to help people with this. The idea was to put together some useful information to get people thinking more about money and what they should be doing with it and hopefully they will be able to pick up some tips to help them. Then we hope that this will encourage them to learn more and make more changes until they feel like they are totally in control of their financial situation.